Kettenflechten - Chain Weaving

Standardknoten - Standard Knot                         Home Page
Kettenmaterial - Chain Material
Kettenbeschaffung - Chain Procurement
Knotenvarianten - Knot Variations
Knoten für weites Kettenmaterial - Knots for wide Chain Material
Detailfotos - Photos of some Details
Zusammenfassung - Digest Page
Ketten weiten - Widening Chains
Fotos gesicherter Handgelenke - Photos of Secured Wrists
Fotos gesicherter Fußgelenke - Photos of Secured Ankles
Blumentopfaufhängung - Flowerpot Suspension
Beitrag von Shevette - Shevette Contribution
Fotos Kettenkrawatte - Chain Necktie Photos
Fotos Taillengürtel - Waist Belt Photos
Fotos Gürtelkombination - Belt Combination Photos
Messe-Bekanntschaft - Fair Acquaintance
Weite feinjustieren - Fine-Adjusting Width

Standard Knot
basis of all the weaving
and how to make it

Chain Material
have a look whether your
chain does the trick

Knot Variations
you can do even more
with such knots

Digest Page
one long
summary page

Chain Necktie Photos
a fashion accessory you do
not want to loose

Photos of some Details
fine points you better take
care of for your comfort

Waist Belt Photos
nice to know it's strong
and sturdy material

Shevette Contribution
is this not a lovely
charming picture?

Photos of Secured Wrists
wrists come in pairs so
take care of them

Photos of Secured Ankles
you are free to choose a
partner for your ankles

Belt Combination Photos
with a combination things
start to get interesting

Flowerpot Suspension
and other useful things
for your household

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